People missing from the fashion show (General Discussion)

by TeamWivyQueric, Thursday, November 08, 2018, 6:10PM (135 days ago) @ Barbybo

He was on for five minutes..not much time to he’s a looker:love

There are lots of other lookers who are also fabulous actors.

Looking at his iMDB page, he has done a lot of one episode guest starring type roles. There's nothing wrong with that - it's how actors get started. But if you look at the actors who are currently leads, most if not all of them started out in more minor series regular roles either on soaps or other series to gain experience (like the actors playing the interns for example) to learn the craft and gain experience before they were offered a lead role. There is a good reason for that. This actor simply does not yet have that kind of experience. If they are going to hire a serious new male lead to pair with Steffy, I imagine Bell would either look for someone with another regular daytime role or two under his belt (not just a day player role but contract) or even a regular prime time cable series regular role perhaps.

But actors who have mainly played a few guest roles or day player roles don't just get hired to be front and center leads. Like any other profession, actors have to progressively learn and gain experience first before they progress to that.

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