People missing from the fashion show (General Discussion)

by q, Thursday, November 08, 2018, 5:47PM (162 days ago) @ TeamWivyQueric

Brooke’s not a team player skipping the show sour grapes..I guess Hopecwas sick. Hmmm very convenient,,and Liam’s a goffer so he wasn’t needed

I understand why all those people were not there. The people who are specifically focused on HFTF like Hope and Thorne don't necessarily have a need to be there. Liam's just a contractor and he was focused on HFTF as well. And I'm not sure that Brooke has a formal paid position at Forrester, but if she does it is about as clear as mud as to what that actually is.

However, Eric and Katie's absences were rather glaring. Eric is usually at all of FC's big events and Katie runs the whole marketing function (except the Social Media portion) so this would be an important event for her to attend.

I asked in another post that I thought Thorne was supposed to be working on Steffy's line.

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