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by q, Thursday, November 08, 2018, 5:38PM (167 days ago) @ angry gal

YAY! \

He can say "Give me brooke, or go to jail"


Next week

11/14 Ridge, Brooke, Katie, and Thorne are in for a shock.
11/15 Wyatt, Liam, and Will spend a day together.
11/16 Bill shares his regrets with Brooke and makes her a promise about the future.

Brooke makes a plea to Bill, Ridge has a discussion with Liam, Wyatt, Katie, and Thorne


Hopefully Liam and Wyatt won't give Ridge any kind of help.

I hope not as well but knowing Ridge he may use their employment against them if they don't side with him.

Ridge will try to convince them he was doing it because of all the things Bill did to them and he was doing it for "the boy".

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