OT: Y&R SPOILERS for tomorrow: (General Discussion)

by RoseDeWBu, Thursday, November 08, 2018, 4:25PM (133 days ago)

I think Jack is falling for Jabot's new Head of R&D Kerry. I hope so. Jack has lost his mother and his sister - and he's needed a love interest for quite some time.

BTW: I saw an interview with Eileen Davidson, the actress who played Ashley. She was so pleased to hear from the interviewer that Peter Bergman (the actor who plays Jack) called HER his "Leading Lady"!

Mariah decides to move out of Sharon's house and into Tessa's studio apartment. When she returns to her car, she sees Tessa opening a bag, full of ca$h.

If the blackmailer IS Tessa, it's going to break Mariah's heart.

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