brooke is a fool (General Discussion)

by FataMorgana, Thursday, November 08, 2018, 3:38PM (133 days ago) @ TeamWivyQueric

if she can't tell that bill is playing her

I think she knows Bill is playing her but she also knows what Ridge did is all kinds of wrong.

However, she needs to pick a lane because she's on my last nerve. She left Bill over his dishonesty but then inexplicably went back to Ridge, the guy she knows lied to his own son and was going to pass of his grandbaby as his own kid. If Bill's immorality was something she couldn't live with, then Ridge should have automatically been ruled out as well before she ever remarried him.

If she's going to stay with him, the price of that is that she's going to have to be immoral and dishonest too in order to protect him.

And if she can't live with that she should tell Ridge she's had enough and the chips are going to have to fall where they may. Ridge did this to himself. No one asked him to interfere in Katie's case.

And if Brooke does decide she's had enough of the dishonesty and immorality then she's going to have to fish in a different pool next time. She can pretty much rule out Ridge, Bill, and Thorne.


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