brooke is a fool (General Discussion)

by TeamWivyQueric, Thursday, November 08, 2018, 2:39PM (135 days ago) @ Lucky13

So, you dont think Bill loves Brooke and is only using her? I honestly dont see that.

I didn't say that, but he was using his words today for the very specific purpose of getting Brooke to spill to him what she knows. He even kind of admitted to Justin beforehand that he was going to see Brooke to try to get information out of her.

Whether his feelings are sincere or not, his sudden sympathy over Hope's line being cut, for example, was a carefully calculated move to endear Brooke to him and remind her of what else Ridge has done that she doesn't like.

His whole speech was calculated. It doesn't have to be untrue to be used with the intent of manipulating the situation.

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