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by BuckyBoy, Monday, October 22, 2018, 3:57AM (151 days ago) @ RoseDeWBu

Because it was her sister's home and she has a lot of memories there. Who cooks Thanksgiving dinner there every year? Pam and Charlie. This is just a setup to cause a rift between Quinn and Eric and it's a stupid reason. There's no reason why Quinn should be objecting to it.


That's just it - it's NOT her sister's home any longer. It's QUINN'S home. Why should she open it to Pam and Charlie - they didn't think anything of boycotting her wedding to Eric. They didn't think anything of backing Ridge and Steffy and having her thrown out of the mansion.

And Pam made a lot of memories with Stephanie at Forrester Creations, too.

So, Pam and Charlie cook Thanksgiving dinner there every year. It's not like they have anything else to - or anywhere else to go.

BTW: I understand why Quinn doesn't want to host Pam's wedding. And even if I didn't, Quinn doesn't have to explain herself to anyone.

Pam actually wanted to attend Quinn and Eric's wedding and even suggested to everyone that she and Charlie go, but Ridge and the others pressured her out of it.

And Quinn does have to explain herself if she wants to keep what's left of the peace in the family.

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