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by Sailor'sMom2, Monday, October 15, 2018, 1:39PM (186 days ago) @ KatieFan32

From Highlight Hollywood.

Actors Tyler Crispen and Brett Robinson from Big Brother season 20 appear as Tyler and Brett on Wednesday October 24th 2018.

Actress Robin Givens returns as Dr Phillips. On Friday October 19th, and Monday October 22nd.

Jeremy Ray Valdez returns as Detective Alex Sanchez on Wednesday October 24th and Thursday October 25th.

Keith Carlos returns as Danny Wednesday October 24th

Dick Christie returns as Charile Webber on Wednesday October 24th and Thursday October 25th

Maybe Detective Sanchez will find out who shot Bill. Hope so. In a shooting it doesn't matter if the victim wants to file charges or is still a crime.

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