I don't understand Brooke at all! (General Discussion)

by FataMorgana, Thursday, October 11, 2018, 12:20PM (252 days ago) @ Curiosity12

--she can never see or talk to Bill ever again
--she has to turn a blind eye to Ridge's crime - and never mention it again
--she feels she has to make peace with Steffy

And what does BROOKE get out of all this? She's ALLOWED to remain married to Ridge?

He's been horrible to Hope - and will probably have the judge stand by his decision when the six-month waiting period is over.

Doesn't Brooke see the TYRANT she's married to?

Brooke is married to Ridge at the moment and Bill has made it clear he wants Brooke back. He has kissed her twice now. Ridge has every reason to ask Brooke not to see him anymore. Quite frankly, Brooke herself should see this has now become totally inappropriate even if we leave aside the fact that Bill is Ridge's biggest adversary.

Ridge can be egocentric and selfish but in this case he has the right to expect Brooke to draw some boundaries. If she doesn't want to then she can take off the ring and go be with Bill. Very simple.

This isn't a "I get to pick your friends" scenario. This is a "I don't want you to see the guy who keeps kissing you and has told you he wants you back".

Btw, you are arbitrarily linking "making peace with Steffy" to anything Ridge will say to Brooke. This is just wild speculation to make Brooke look like a victim.

Jut unreal it turned into a Brooke is the victim thing lol.

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