I don't understand Brooke at all! (General)

by Sailor'sMom2, Thursday, October 11, 2018, 12:10PM (603 days ago) @ Brenda3

--she can never see or talk to Bill ever again
--she has to turn a blind eye to Ridge's crime - and never mention it again
--she feels she has to make peace with Steffy

And what does BROOKE get out of all this? She's ALLOWED to remain married to Ridge?

He's been horrible to Hope - and will probably have the judge stand by his decision when the six-month waiting period is over.

Doesn't Brooke see the TYRANT she's married to?

Brooke has a history with Bill and so far meeting with Bill isn't helping her marriage. As far as turning a blind eye to Ridge's failures, isn't that what Brooke always wants each time she has done something terrible for everyone to never speak of it again while she forces out one fake apology. Then how Ridge has treated Hope is nothing to the years of Brooke treatment of Steffy. Ever wonder why Steffy, her sister and brother went to boarding school.

So I don't see Brooke as a victim here, she got busted with Bill, she knew what she was doing when she was sneaking around with him and betraying not only her sister but husband too.

Brooke treated all three kids great when they were growing up. They all loved Brooke and even when Phoebe was grown she still loved Brooke. Even chose to live with Ridge and Brooke. She also never wanted to participate in the schemes her mother would try to get Ridge back.

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