I don't understand Brooke at all! (General)

by partyprincess1, Thursday, October 11, 2018, 10:52AM (603 days ago) @ MissyB

--she can never see or talk to Bill ever again
--she has to turn a blind eye to Ridge's crime - and never mention it again
--she feels she has to make peace with Steffy

And what does BROOKE get out of all this? She's ALLOWED to remain married to Ridge?

He's been horrible to Hope - and will probably have the judge stand by his decision when the six-month waiting period is over.

Doesn't Brooke see the TYRANT she's married to?

I couldn’t agree more. Enough is ENOUGH! Who in the world would put up with this mess and these demands? And from a freaking criminal to boot? I’m praying that Brooke is going to finally say she’s through with this messy, nasty, bully she’s marry to who orders her around. Brooke is stronger that this and she needs to stand up for herself!

yes plz lord let brooke see the light

Ridge is a bully(who should be in jail not just for the judge thing but other things too)......and now he is bullying brooke? smh.....i remember when ridge was married to caroline II, towards the end he was ordering her to stay away from thomas and dont let thomas near the baby.......some ppl on twitter said he bullied Caroline too


Brooke: Do u know how crazy that sounds?

Bill: Maybe it does. But I'm never letting go of u again.
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