Some SID Spoiler for the week of Oct 15 (General Discussion)

by partyprincess1, Thursday, October 11, 2018, 9:53AM (252 days ago) @ MissyB

Its SO magnanimous of Ridge to forgive Brooke for Bill kissing her. And all she has to do to stay in his good graces to cut off communication with Bill for the rest of her life and keep her mouth shut about what he did with tampering with the judge.

God! I really hate Ridge. This is a man who never cut off communication with the other women he kissed or cheated on. And of course the side benefits of this is keeping Brooke’s mouth shut about his crimes.

yeah cause brooke has listen to ridge before :lol :lol :rofl

If ridge hurts bill, brooke wont forgive him and will be by bill's side till bill gets better.......

i wouldnt be surprise if bill even fakes being "very hurt" so brooke will be by his side LOL


Brooke: Do u know how crazy that sounds?

Bill: Maybe it does. But I'm never letting go of u again.
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