Phoebe Forrester (General Discussion)

by Sailor'sMom2, Friday, September 14, 2018, 12:06PM (307 days ago) @ dannanataliacor

Phoebe dumped Rick and by the time she came back and decided that she wanted him back, he was with Taylor. Rick waa a free agent, Phoebe's ex.

Phoebe told Taylor she wanted to be back with Rick. She also told Rick. She planned a romantic dinner for Rick, which he attended. When she got a chance to go on tour and told everyone, she even asked Rick if he ok with that and hugged him. Phoebe thought they were back together and not once did Rick or her mother tell her anything different. They both let her go on tour thinking she and Rick were working out their relationship.

Sorry but i think both Rick and especially her mother should have told Phoebe the truth. Phoebe found out by coming home early and finding the two in bed.

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