Custody Battle (General Discussion)

by Debra, Friday, September 14, 2018, 11:15AM (223 days ago) @ Sailor'sMom2

i am just not getting it. Ok, so Bill has let Will down and hasn't been around a lot. I get being angry and concerned about your son. I just don't get what taking custody from Bill will help anything. Even if they do not share custody of Will anymore, there would be set visitation. It would not be at Katie's discretion. Courts don't do that because that would be pitting parents against each other.

This whole s/l does not make sense. It is stupid with everyone like Thorne and next Ridge being involved.

Ridge trying to say who and who isn't a good father? That is a big joke.

Courts are loathe to strip custody from a parent. There has to be documented proof of abuse, physical neglect, or parental substance abuse which makes them a danger to the child. A case like this would never see a courtroom because the judges are far too busy with cases of child endangerment. I've laughed at Carter talking about the "documented" times when Bill didn't show for a visit. And Katie telling Brooke she has no other choice? What??

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