Phoebe Forrester (General Discussion)

by Ilovebizzie, Friday, September 14, 2018, 11:15AM (307 days ago) @ cydcat

I agree, I really liked Phoebe.

The whole thing is rewritten though to recreate Taylor vs Brooke for Ridge with Hope vs Steffy for Liam. Both the twins loved Hope when twins played the parts. And they were a lot older than Hope too when they did SORASing, now they’re around the same age.

A friend of mine who was right that Carmas was Bell’s endgame for Thomas and not Tally, claims she’s an insider and she said this triangle is supposed to be Hope as Taylor and Steffy as Brooke. She said the writers wanted to do the unexpected and make Brooke’s daughter the “Puritan” (her word) and Steffy “the sexy one” (her words).

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