Phoebe Forrester (General Discussion)

by cydcat, Friday, September 14, 2018, 10:30AM (220 days ago) @ KatieFan32

I miss this character. Wish they didn't get rid of her. If Phoebe stayed alive. I wonder if Steffy and Phoebe would of been in a triangle with Liam instead of Hope?

Yes, they would have....and it would have been awesome to watch. LOL.

Hope is just like Phoebe in most areas. Phoebe was not let go from the show, the actress left to do Broadway. I think this is why they brought in Hope, to take the place of Phoebe.

One of the best shows done was the night Phoebe died. RM and MM did an excellent job with those scenes. It was very sad and moving. She died singing him the song she had wrote for him, that she was going to sing at his wedding to Brooke that night.

Steffy was the darkness, Phoebe was the light. Steffy was not very nice, even as a teenager, Phoebe was sweet and good.

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