Bell is turning Ridge into Mossimo Marone! (General Discussion)

by Steffyfanatic, Friday, September 14, 2018, 10:13AM (220 days ago) @ guyco

Ridge is going over to the dark side. Maybe he will meet his Quinn, err Queen there. :)

This Ridge can do that cause TK has the ability to make Ridge dark and it be believable. I like the Quinn and Ridge dynmaic. I just hate that Eric is in the middle. I don't want Ridge and Eric to be at odds again but dammit TK and RS have great chemistry. Those two just have that spark and I love it. Of course since I love it, it's probably not going to happen.:lol


Bill to Steffy: You're a grand prize. You're a queen. The total package. Brains, beauty, warmth, heart. I've always known that about you. Don't you ever doubt how extraordinary you are.

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