Phoebe Forrester (General Discussion)

by Bellapants, Friday, September 14, 2018, 9:30AM (223 days ago) @ Sailor'sMom2

I miss this character. Wish they didn't get rid of her. If Phoebe stayed alive. I wonder if Steffy and Phoebe would of been in a triangle with Liam instead of Hope?

I would rather have Phoebe too. She was just good. If Phoebe remained true to the character I doubt that there would have been a triangle. Phoebe just wasn't like that. I remember Phoebe being hurt but just decided to let Rick go when she found out about Taylor and Rick. Also, when Taylor was getting her kids and Stephanie to help plan to get Ridge back, Phoebe didn't come home. She told Taylor she didn't want to be involved.

Phoebe also loved Brooke and didn't want any part of the constant fighging.

Too bad Phoebe was the twin that died.

Phoebe and Hope would have been best friends.. Phoebe adored Hope

She would would not fight over Liam

Hope and Wyatt...

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