liam and hope have no class (General)

by MegsMom, Saturday, August 11, 2018, 10:33PM (779 days ago) @ briannagrace

seriously they liam couldn't taken hope to her office to propose to her they had to do in steffy's office talk about tacky

I guess Liam didn’t want to waste another minute and decided to propose right then and there. Poor steffy. At least she wasn’t forced to watch it from a gondola. She’s getting every bit of her well deserved karma.

True. Steffy didn't have to stand peering through the open door. She could have walked away when she realized what was happening. But she chose to stay and watch. That's not what could be said when Hope was forced to watch Steffy ambush marry Liam, trapped in the gondola. She wasn't given a choice.

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