Why doesn't Steffy decline Hope's invitation? (General Discussion)

by Twigs @, Saturday, August 11, 2018, 12:31PM (251 days ago) @ Curiosity12

And Hope didn't have to invite her to the wedding. If Steffy is wrong for going then Hope is wrong for asking her to attend.

She should do just what Hope did with the stupid ring. Accept the gesture gracefully and symbolically, and then politely decline the actuality. It would be fine if she could actually handle it, but she obviously can’t based on her meltdown over the proposal today.

I will have to agree with you here although I don't see why she would want to put herself through it even if she could contain her feelings. I guess Hope is inviting Steffy because of all the fancy speeches Steffy held. But no one really expects her to attend the wedding nor should she feel obliged to do so. I am 100% sure no one would interpret it as rudeness if she kindly declined the invitation.
The other point of contention I have is Steffy taking her mentally unstable mother to the wedding. We know she doesn't have friends but she could have taken any random person from FC as her plus one. She could have asked Carter. Or better yet, she could have said, THERE IS NO PLUS ONE, and I am perfectly fine with it.

Well yes, she should just “choose herself” as her plus one. Isn’t that her thing now?

At any rate, I’m here for the ridiculous soapy drama it will cause. I suspect Taylor will do something pretty dumb like trying to lock Liam in whatever room he’s getting ready in....Quinn did it many times, and no doubt better, but whatever, And when Brooke discovers this, a cat fight will ensue. Maybe some slaps. Certainly some insults. Should be brain cell killing and funny at the same time.

Liam: I don't want Steffy. I want you!

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