liam and hope have no class (General)

by Twigs @, Saturday, August 11, 2018, 9:39AM (782 days ago) @ soonerfan

seriously they liam couldn't taken hope to her office to propose to her they had to do in steffy's office talk about tacky

Oh, po skank Steffy! Finally getting a smidge of the karma she is owed. Liam and Hope have way more class than that FIL/BIL diddling skank!

Hope has done something similar before she wanted one of the many failed weddings at Steffy's grandmothers house. You know our family's business, I guess she wanted steffy's family too.

Um, there was only ONE planned wedding at the Forrester Mansion. The one that Liam got on his hands and knees and pleaded with her to marry him. In front of everybody. It failed because she allowed it to.

And funny the time, despite her open dislike of Hope...Steffy said she understood why Hope would want to be married there because “it’s her family home too”.

Liam: I don't want Steffy. I want you!

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