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by hopeyougogirl, Friday, August 10, 2018, 5:48PM (252 days ago) @ Heather172

Katie is meh....... She is going to be caught between the pig and Thorne...... If I were Wyatt, I wouldn't even consider her...... She was sucking face with Thorne before Wyatt even left the floor...... Sally is a much better choice...... I would like to see Katie going crazy jealous and beg him to take her back, and him rejecting and crushing her...... She is no better than Hope and Brooke...... The only way I could find Watie remotely interesting is if she hooks up with Bill, Wyatt decides he wants her back and she drops Bill for him like a hot potato....... And then Wyatt can stick it to his father, the same way Liam did this week...... Otherwise, he is far better off away from her...... And so should Thorne..... He deserves much better than Katie or Brooke......

The writing for Steffy and Ridge is heartbreaking..... And now we can add Taylor in the mix....... Liam, Hope and Brooke are delisiously happy while Steffy tortures herself and even goes to the wedding....... No thanks, I can't stand it...... I don't want Hope to lose her baby, but I hope something will crush her and Brooke's dreams, and soon....... They have done nothing to deserve to be happy......

Steffy tortures herself? She doesn't have to go! Why can't she just stay home, invite her lunatic mother over and they can spend quality time with some bonding instead? Stupid.

And it's about dang time Steffy and Ridge get some much needed heartbreak/karma. So sick of these two always get their selfish ways..bullying and torturing others time after time after time.

Steffy had three opportunities at MARRIED LIFE with Liam and she blew it..plain and simple. Let Lope have their happy married life for a change!

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