Why doesn't Steffy decline Hope's invitation? (General Discussion)

by Twigs @, Friday, August 10, 2018, 4:52PM (283 days ago) @ PatriotGirl

If watching Liam propose to Hope was so painful, why put herself through watching them MARRY?>

Maybe Hope should have a gondola at the back of the room, stuff Steffy inside - and not let her out until she and Liam are pronounced husband and wife.

Wasn't it LIAM who said "Karma is a bitch"?

And miss the opportunity to turn up the wedding just to make Liam uncomfortable? I'm surprised that she's not bringing Kelly for added effect. She'll want Liam to see her and hopefully start thinking that he's giving up a good thing.

If Liam is going to be uncomfortable with Steffy there then perhaps he should take Wyatt's advice and think twice about marrying Hope right away. Besides Hope is the one to invite her. He should either tell his bride to be if he doesn't want Steffy there or ask Steffy not to come. If he starts to have regrets because she is there too damn bad. He made his bed. Honestly no one should give a fig about his feelings anymore, he sure has abused theirs.

Per a pic in SOD, Liam is quite happily and nakedly laying in the bed he made with a very happy and equally naked Hope. :dance2

Liam: I don't want Steffy. I want you!

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