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by TeamWivyQueric, Friday, August 10, 2018, 4:26PM (283 days ago) @ Curiosity12

Wow....we are getting an awkward Watie/Wally/Korne-y scene. I will actually watch the show on Monday.

Sally is apparently still alive after all. Speaking of getting "Dad's" approval, I am wondering if Sally has Bill's approval yet as well, or if he even knows about Wally.

Awkward indeed, but i was going aaawwwww when Wyatt said that. Every Wyatt fan knows what that really meant. Watie was just in a bad position and situation to stay together right now. I still think Wyatt is settling for Sally. He has not told Bill about her at all. And Quinn/Eric just happened to find out.

I find it interesting that they are putting these four in a scene together at the same time now. I don't think all four of them have been face to face with each other at the same time until now, and the timing is interesting given the spoilers for next week. I had all but given up on Watie even being acknowledged ever again going forward. It feels like they took what should have been Watie's story with Darin and gave it to Korne-y and gave IR Darin's spot which does not make me happy at all. Battling Bill should have been a Watie story. But now I'm back to wondering where they are really going with this since they seem to suddenly want us to remember Watie again :neutral

I never forgot. :grrr

No neither did I. Twitter hasn't ever forgotten either. Or CBS SID where Watie keeps popping up, still, in the Top 10. I'm sure B&B has been continuing to hear about it. No one may care or be listening, but Watie has not been forgotten.

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