Preview - August 13, 2018 (General Discussion)

by TeamWivyQueric, Friday, August 10, 2018, 4:24PM (222 days ago) @ Curiosity12

Wow....we are getting an awkward Watie/Wally/Korne-y scene. I will actually watch the show on Monday.

Sally is apparently still alive after all. Speaking of getting "Dad's" approval, I am wondering if Sally has Bill's approval yet as well, or if he even knows about Wally.

Awkward indeed, but i was going aaawwwww when Wyatt said that. Every Wyatt fan knows what that really meant. Watie was just in a bad position and situation to stay together right now. I still think Wyatt is settling for Sally. He has not told Bill about her at all. And Quinn/Eric just happened to find out.

I miss Wyatt and Katie. :cry

The last time they were in a scene together, Katie was sounding jealous. Now Wyatt's sounding jealous. Just saying....maybe they aren't over for good. I had thought Bell was trying really hard for us to forget they ever existed but looks like he's reminding us about them, which maybe isn't terrible news.

I do like Sally and Wyatt's chemistry though. In my perfect world, Watie would get back together in some way that would allow Wally to part amicably as friends and leave the door open to revisit them possibly down the road. If they hadn't been so rushed, I think they could be a great pairing too. I give all the credit for the chemistry to the actors though. The writing certainly didn't have any effort put into it.

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