Preview - August 13, 2018 (General Discussion)

by Curiosity12, Friday, August 10, 2018, 4:22PM (283 days ago) @ Twigs

Wow....we are getting an awkward Watie/Wally/Korne-y scene. I will actually watch the show on Monday.

Sally is apparently still alive after all. Speaking of getting "Dad's" approval, I am wondering if Sally has Bill's approval yet as well, or if he even knows about Wally.

Steffy is already backtracking. I thought she was fine? :roll And Ridge is such a little.....girl.

I can understand that moving on is hard to do. But theatrics with Liam isn't going to help. It only makes her look like she is still hoping Liam will come around and realise she is the one for him.

As for Ridge, he should realise if Liam is ready to move on so fast then maybe he isn't the one for his daughter?

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