liam and hope have no class (General)

by tangledwebs, Friday, August 10, 2018, 3:37PM (658 days ago) @ AllaboutAutumn

seriously they liam couldn't taken hope to her office to propose to her they had to do in steffy's office talk about tacky

Oh, po skank Steffy! Finally getting a smidge of the karma she is owed. Liam and Hope have way more class than that FIL/BIL diddling skank!

Hope has done something similar before she wanted one of the many failed weddings at Steffy's grandmothers house. You know our family's business, I guess she wanted steffy's family too.

Eric considers Hope family. That is fact from the show. Steffy is the one repeatedly shown to want what Hope has, not the other way around.

These debates are so funny sometimes
We all debate over who is worse, etc Hope and Steffy
BUT Liam is the ONLY reason Steffy had power over his relationship with Hope and vice versa

The common denominator is el'piggo

Actually, being that Steffy made it a life goal to go after men attached to Logan's, it is definitely Steffy who is a common denominator. And Liam rejected her many many many times.

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