katie going after sally (General Discussion)

by MegsMom, Thursday, July 12, 2018, 11:38AM (194 days ago) @ Twigs

i believe its more to do with sally being with wyatt then thinking she is stalking hope

I think it's a combination of both. As Hope's Aunt, Katie has every reason to be concerned for her safety. However, it also gives her ammunition to go to Wyatt with a huge "I told you so" Katie and Hope immediately jumped on the "let's bash Sally" bandwagon, motivated more out of jealousy than Sally's past actions. Hope because of Sally's connection to Liam and Katie because Wyatt moved on to the beautiful and younger Sally within an extraordinary short period of time. (Katie has conveniently overlooked the lip locks she had with Thorne while she and Wyatt were still together ). :whistle

I don’t think either one of them are jealous. They are suspicious of Sally for good reason. I honestly saw nothing to suggest anything but concern for Wyatt and the company from either of them. Why would they be jealous?

I'm sure there is concern, but IMO, it's not based solely on Sally's past actions. Hope, like Steffy, is obsessed with Liam. She didn't like Liam turning to Ivy after she married Wyatt. And until Wyatt became interested in Sally, Hope wouldn't give him the time of day. Suddenly, she's all concerned and worried about him? As for Katie, I think it's only natural to be a bit jealous about a former lover quickly moving on to a younger, beautiful woman. That's just being human. However, to me, it's just as disingenuous as Hope's motivation because Katie's moved on herself and in fact was kissing Thorne while still in a relationship with Wyatt. JMHO

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