So happy Liam and Hope are having a baby (General Discussion)

by viennagirl @, Thursday, July 12, 2018, 12:53AM (76 days ago) @ rain4

I want Hope to give birth to this baby and to have a healthy baby.

Liam for once can't reason that he has to do whatever he does because of the baby.

Maybe it will help one of the girls to move on and to find love with someone else. They still could be a happy family, raising the baby together and co-parenting with Liam.
I know enough patchwork-families who make it work. (e.g. one of my cousins who raises a teenager step-daughter (who still has regularly contact with her biological father) and two daughters he has with his wife).

There has been the question about twins in the family tree (Logan/Forrester - Spencer):

I don't think that there have been twins yet for any Spencer or Logan family member mentioned (only Taylor had twins).

But twins do not have to run regularly in the family for them to happen. They can happen in any family by chance.

- My mother has a twin sister, but none of their children or grandchildren have been twins again yet.
- My father has a big family (he had 9 siblings - none of them have been twins, none of their children have been twins) and one of my cousins from that side has twins.

They just might happen in some families more often than others and definitely more often if someone got fertility treatment.

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