katie going after sally (General Discussion)

by Devilish Angel, Wednesday, July 11, 2018, 8:52PM (76 days ago) @ rain4

Agree! When a relationship ends, you generally see the characters sad and stuggling. This isn't the case here. No sad look, no daydreaming and no mention of his name. She is acting like Wyatt never existed.

Same for Hope. I see some viewers are still saying Hope is jealous of Sally because Wyatt is with her. Wow. Just no. She is only concerned because she knows Sally is a Spectra and is aware of her past. She doesn't want Sally working on her line, and for good reasons. But apparently for some, it's all about Wyatt. Not...

dont agree, its not jealousy, its just that natural instinct of not liking your ex moving on even though you have, with Hope i believe it was partly because of who it was


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