Poor Hope. Everybody seems to hate her (General Discussion)

by Devilish Angel, Wednesday, July 11, 2018, 8:31PM (74 days ago) @ traditha

Why does nearly everyone on this show hate this poor girl? They lie like Sally did today saying Hope doesn't know what
It feels like to be looked down upon. Seriously? She's been called the stain, a bxstard child, told by Steffy you don't have
A dad! , cake dropped on her for spite etc etc.
Yes Hope acts optimistic but that doesn't mean it's because no one has ever looked down upon her. She just chooses
To ignore it and be optimistic like her mom.

I hate that the spoiled brats and those who arent spoiled brats lie and say that about her.

sally doesnt know that, she is wrong, but she doesnt know it


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