Poor Hope. Everybody seems to hate her (General Discussion)

by FataMorgana, Wednesday, July 11, 2018, 7:07PM (77 days ago) @ MegsMom

Why does nearly everyone on this show hate this poor girl? They lie like Sally did today saying Hope doesn't know what
It feels like to be looked down upon. Seriously? She's been called the stain, a bxstard child, told by Steffy you don't have
A dad! , cake dropped on her for spite etc etc.
Yes Hope acts optimistic but that doesn't mean it's because no one has ever looked down upon her. She just chooses
To ignore it and be optimistic like her mom.

I hate that the spoiled brats and those who arent spoiled brats lie and say that about her.

Sally doesn't know Hope outside of what she knows business-wise. I'm not sure she even knows any details of Wyatt's marriage to Hope. Given how Hope's treated her, I'm not surprised that Sally would say something like that. To Sally, Hope is a rich, spoiled, pampered princess who's never had to face adversities like not having to worry where her next meal will come from or where she's going to sleep. And to be fair, the only thing Hope knows about Sally is the obvious theft of a couple of years ago. She doesn't know Sally as a person and her animosity stems more from Sally's relationship with Liam than what happened back then. In reality, Steffy has far more reason to be antagonistic towards Sally than Hope does. :neutral

Exactly. Hope is officially on my ish list for making those dumb comments.
Also her conversation with Wyatt.. ugh. Hope should be glad Wyatt has allot of patience with her. I still have no clue why her relationship history needed to be mentioned. She sounded petty.

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