Why is Zoe the most interesting story on BnB? (General Discussion)

by TeamWivyQueric, Wednesday, July 11, 2018, 6:16PM (77 days ago) @ traditha
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As I said on another thread yesterday, I would rather watch the painting on Wyatt's living room wall dry than any more of the Steffy/Liam/Hope triangle. It's a case of taking something that was once interesting - years ago - and literally beating it to death and continuing to beat it for years after that.

As for the intern triangle, I could not care less about Emma and Xander, but this Zoe character has promise. I hope she doesn't get wasted as just a foil for two newbies that I don't find the least bit interesting.

This potential stalkerish story is at least something a little bit different than what we've been seeing the last few years. And they are incorporating a good portion of the cast into it by making it look like it's Hope being threatened. Anything that gets Bell to use more of his cast than just three people for a story that isn't all about those three characters is not entirely a bad thing as far as I'm concerned.

And I think this actress playing Zoe has potential. With those eyes and that streak of obsessiveness, I think they are missing the boat if she doesn't somehow turn out to be Quinn's daughter :-D

On another note, I really really miss Bill. NOT the Bill that's trapped in the horrible triangle story and can't get out, but the other Bill. Am I ever going to get him back?

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