hope is so screwed if she is one the being stalked (General Discussion)

by TeamWivyQueric, Wednesday, July 11, 2018, 5:53PM (77 days ago) @ FataMorgana

because katie and thorne are the worst detectives i have seen in long while

And don't forget rescue ranger who doesn't think she needs to know about the threat and yet isn't around her anywhere to "protect" her most of the time either.

I missed most of today's show and won't be able to watch until later, but how did they narrow it down to Sally? It seems to me Ken would only be able to find the IP address. Wouldn't that be Wyatt's IP address if she's using his WiFi? Not that I think it's Wyatt, but couldn't it be him too? And couldn't it also be anyone who knows his WiFi password who is close enough to his house to log onto his WiFi? I'm not an IT expert, but I would not think they would be able to remotely tell that it came from Sally's laptop without having looked at her laptop - just the IP address right?

I don't think Hope is the target anyway. Well, at least until Bill finds out about this and then he might decide to carry on the stalking.

Ken said he used the ip adres to track down the name of the person. Apparently Sally was visiting job sites, and left her name there. But that is normal behavior.
Ken also said the police can't do anything, since trolling is not illegal either.

Still not enough though to blame Sally, and it shows. Unless Wyatt was using his mobile phone provider to acces the internet, anyone can use my computer or other mobile device to post under my name. Especially since Sally's laptop was clearly not locked either.

If I understand it correctly, simply identifying one person who is posting things from an IP address does not mean there are not potentially several other people performing activities from the same IP address. If Zoe posted those comments on Sally's laptop using Wyatt's WiFi it would be the same IP address Sally is using to do things on her laptop and it would also be the same IP address Wyatt would be using as well for whatever internet activity he is generating from his house. And theoretically if they got a strong enough signal, anyone who knows Wyatt's WiFi password could stand in close enough proximity to his house to use his IP address too.

It's pretty stupid that Ken identified Sally by name from an IP address that she happened to use. It would have made more sense to have had Ken pinpoint the location of that IP address and for Katie to have said, "Hey, that's Wyatt's house. I know Wyatt wouldn't threaten Hope, but Sally is living there so it must be her."

Maybe someone who knows IT stuff a lot better than me can verify if the IP identifies the specific device or just the network? Of course even if it was Sally's laptop it could still have been Wyatt using it since they live in the same house. I notice Katie isn't accusing him even though he and Hope also had some words about Sally :lol

Yes your right about all of it. But my head hurts. I studied IT for a few years so i know some stuff. Too many errors to name. They just hate Sally enough to not think straight, but she will be vindicated soon.

I finally watched the episode. Ken said if she'd posted the comments from Forrester it would show the same IP address as, say, Katie's. I'm pretty sure Sally was shown at Forrester when the first comment was posted. (Guess she left her laptop at Wyatt's where Zoe used it?). If Sally knew that about the IP address all she has to do is ask when the comments were posted and then say, "Well you all know I was here at work when that first comment posted to the website."

I'm sure that won't be how she clears her name, but it's one way she possibly could.

Yes the FC building uses the same main IP adres everywhere, but Ken could track down the MAC adres of the computer which was used (tapping into the modem). And play back the surveillance camera's for confirmation to see who used it. So his comment about that being more difficult was BS also

I'm thinking if he knows it didn't come from Forrester's IP address then the fact that Sally was at work when one of those messages posted should clear her. But I'm sure she won't think to ask about that.

Yes that too, but i get that won't be the first thing on her mind. Maybe Wyatt will help.

The first thing that should pop into her head, even without Wyatt's help, should be, "Hey that nosy Zoe person who has a key to Wyatt's house had access to my laptop..."

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