sad Pierson Fodé news (General Discussion)

by Diedriu, Belgium, Wednesday, July 11, 2018, 4:44PM (77 days ago) @ gwelch

I thought you were the one seeing this... I wrote something then deleted it.... but anyway yes depression is a horrible thing to go thru....my sister in-law is a counselor and once I ask her why in the world would someone take their life..don't they know they are loved and if they die it is a horrible loss for the their loved ones .
She said that they are not in there right mind and the last thing they are thinking is who this is going to hurt....they just can't deal...

Actually, from experience, some ARE exactly only thinking about their loved ones and they honestly believe the pain for them will stop as the source of their worry stops. Sometimes the thought of being the burden, when you have always been the one people leaned on, is to heavy to bear.

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