hope is so screwed if she is one the being stalked (General Discussion)

by TeamWivyQueric, Wednesday, July 11, 2018, 4:05PM (77 days ago) @ pbfan123

because katie and thorne are the worst detectives i have seen in long while

And don't forget rescue ranger who doesn't think she needs to know about the threat and yet isn't around her anywhere to "protect" her most of the time either.

I missed most of today's show and won't be able to watch until later, but how did they narrow it down to Sally? It seems to me Ken would only be able to find the IP address. Wouldn't that be Wyatt's IP address if she's using his WiFi? Not that I think it's Wyatt, but couldn't it be him too? And couldn't it also be anyone who knows his WiFi password who is close enough to his house to log onto his WiFi? I'm not an IT expert, but I would not think they would be able to remotely tell that it came from Sally's laptop without having looked at her laptop - just the IP address right?

I don't think Hope is the target anyway. Well, at least until Bill finds out about this and then he might decide to carry on the stalking.

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