Caridge Will Be Back

by anonymous, Saturday, August 27, 2016, 7:57PM (970 days ago) @ wyattfan

I disagree, I think one day Rick and Caroline will be back together. I like Rick and Maya together but I know ever marriage will ends and they remarry again on this show. Steam, Bridge, Tridge, steric, and every couple has been divorced or annulled several times. Rick and Caroline will probably even have a child together one day. Rick and Caroline will probably have children with other characters as well. Caroline may have a child RJ or Deacon Jr. Rick might have a child with Nicole that is none surrogate or Sasha or someone new or old. Maybe Kimberly or Amber returns and one of them gets pregnant by Rick. I am just saying, I highly doubt any couple will stay a couple and all of them will have more than one baby momma or daddy.

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