Not So Fast with the Paper Hats and Party Favors

by takerkid @, Thursday, July 21, 2016, 11:43AM (1002 days ago)

It's not time to turn on Kool and the Gang yet. Caridge maybe on a bumpy road but they're not over. I read the spoilers and one thing stuck out. It said Ridge ends his marriage. Ridge is paranoid. He's imagining things that just aren't happening. Again though this seems like a one-sided decision on Ridge's part. We've been down this road before it didn't last a full 24hrs but Thomas sure pounced on his opportunity. That's how we're in this mess. He preyed on an emotionally vulnerable woman who was in need of a shoulder to cry on. Now Caroline is having to adjust to Thomas being the baby's father (something I'm questioning more with each passing day by the way). Thomas is taking full advantage too. All he has to is take Douglas and have his time with him but instead he's throwing it in Caroline's face. I'm sorry but I refuse to believe she's in love with him. There's been no indication of that. She and Ridge need to have an actual conversation. Let's not forget ending a marriage is a process. For all the flack that Caridge received they really do have a love story. I'll be the first to admit that it was at Rick's expense but we watched them fall in love over the course of the time Caroline spent helping Ridge. That's what she set out to do was help him because he couldn't draw. She didn't set out to fall in love or suddenly just fall for him one day. It happened over time and don't think Bell's gonna throw away TK and LG's electric chemistry just to give that snake what he wants. This is isn't the end for Caridge.

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