I'm really mad about this

by hopeyougogirl, Thursday, July 21, 2016, 11:37AM (1007 days ago) @ blebleloop

Quinn kept Liam away from Steffy when his memory was gone. Liam married Steffy even though he supposedly so in love with only hope. Liam wanted to be with Steffy after they lost the baby and still does now.

Liam also told Steffy to go have babies with someone else and flat out rejected her on Lope's wedding day! The only reason he wanted Steffy now is because he had no recollection of the "slut snuggle" on his bed that lead to his verbal attack on his fiance accusing her of killing their baby and for commandeered his life. But of course, the writers erased these scenes as if they had never happened..such a BS.

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