Pooor weak old fool Eric

by Twigs @, Thursday, July 21, 2016, 11:09AM (973 days ago) @ AnnieO

Eric is really written as a clueless weak old fool ...

Twice he married a Logan bimbo only interested in his money and status ... He should have learnt his lesson with Brooke but NO ... He married Donna ... Donna who first tried to use Thorne ...

Twice he got involved with a nutcase equally interested in his wealth only ...... He should have learnt his lesson with Sheila but NO ... I bet he WILL marry Quinn in Monaco ....

The character never learns a thing and Stephanie isn t there to repair his mess ....

No wonder he was interested in stupid women with no brain but plenty of sex appeal .... Be has no brain either and is ruled by his urges

The only wonder is what Stephanie ever found in him ...

Poor Stephanie, so desperate to have Eric that she lied and Ridge was his child. She trapped him with a glue baby, and spent the rest of her life clinging. She was mean and miserable because the two loves of her life, Eric and Ridge, both loved Brooke. Well, until the end, when she finally realized they were right all along about Brooke, she's fantastic. :-)

IIRC, Stephanie believed for sure that Ridge was Eric's child because she had had her period after sleeping with Massimo (same reason Caroline didn't think she was pregnant by Thomas).

And Eric did love Stephanie or he wouldn't have kept coming back to her all those times.

Of course Eric loved Stephanie, I certainly didn't say he didn't. He also had periods of time when he despised her.

And sure, Stephanie claimed she didn't know that Ridge was Massimo's. But Eric loved Beth and Stephanie loved Eric, so she wouldn't have told Eric that she had sex with Massimo, she wasn't honest. I don't think her word meant much. Even after Massimo knew, she kept it from Ridge and Eric for long time. And then begged Brooke not to tell anybody...after all the judgment and hell she rained down on Brooke she certainly always expected Brooke to spare her. :roll

Liam: I don't want Steffy. I want you!

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