Would Liam or/and Steffy for sole custody of Beth if... (General Discussion)

by hopeyougogirl, Saturday, February 15, 2020, 1:17AM (4 days ago) @ SonOfMan

... if Hope goes back to Thomas and chooses him to be Beth's stepfather?

We all know how much Liam abhors Thomas, opposite of Hope who seems to like him more and more. (and if anyone is right between these 2 it's definitely Liam) and he would do anything to keep his daughter away from him. I don't think Steffy has truly given up on raising Beth either, she would support it.

My mom and I wonder if this is where it is going (a custody battle between the 2 couples) What do you think?

Well, if it came to that, if Hope somehow winds up with Thomas and he is still dangerous, then surely Steffy would fess up that she knows for a fact that Thomas is still manipulating, right? Oh, I forgot, she can spill that little secret right now, but she's not.

Steffy has no claim whatsoever on Hope's child. Doesn't matter one bit whether she's given up on raising Beth or not. And Liam would never take Beth away from Hope. If he believes Thomas is dangerous and sees Hope being conned by him, he'll move heaven and earth to expose him. I think today's show proved that.

I don't think too highly of Steffy but frankly, this "little secret" as you say is being blown out of proportion. She kissed Liam after he had already dumped Hope and he kissed her back. It's not like Liam was married and Steffy was begging him to divorce Hope. And Thomas told her he is no longer interested in Hope and has moved on with Zoe. Maybe she is naive to believe him but so is Hope (who actually knows a lot more informations about Thomas and how he is settling for Zoe)

Steffy has no claim on Hope's child, but Liam does. Katie wanted to have sole custody of Will and the situations aren't even comparable. If Hope goes back to Thomas (and it looks more and more like this is where it's going) and something bad happens to Beth, maybe he would consider suing for custody until she leaves Thomas.

Liam can continue to work to expose Thomas, it doesn't matter, Hope won't believe him. I mean he threatened to murder him a few weeks ago. And admitted he was still as obsessed with Hope as ever. When Liam reported the information to Hope, she basically told him he was lying. All Thomas had to do is deny it and Hope believed him. Unless Thomas kills someone and Hope witnesses it, I don't see her changing her mind about him. How many times has Liam begged Hope not to marry Thomas and she did it anyway. Liam would talk to a wall it would be the same, Hope will never listen to him about Thomas. That's why maybe suing for custody would be the only option. Steffy has no claim on the child, but if she is with her father and he wants custody, she could back him up.

If Steffy keeps up her deception about manipulating with Thomas, if she never tells what she knows, that Thomas is still obsessed with her and still scheming to get her, and then she has the audacity to try to get custody of Hope's child, that would make her absolutely deplorable.

But Steffy doesn't know Thomas is still obsessed with Hope and scheming to be with her. Thomas told her the opposite. He told her he wants Liam to be with her and that's why she told him to kiss him... but when it comes to Hope, he doesn't want her anymore. And he is moving on with Zoe. That's what Thomas told Steffy. So she really doesn't know anything, except for the phone call before she kissed him.

Hope is the one who knows Thomas is still obsessed with her and using Zoe. He has already told her twice, including yesterday. When she confronted him about kissing Zoe in front of Douglas, Thomas asked her if they can still be together. (Hope never responded, by the way)If anyonne knows Thomas' intentions and how he is using Zoe, it's Hope. He has actually been honest about his feelings for her and his intentions, but Hope continues to cover for him.

No, played out on screen Steffy knows that Thomas is still obsessed with Hope..it was all in that phone call that Thomas revealed his entire plan to Steffy..this is why Steffy is afraid of telling Liam the truth about Thomas’ phone call/scheme/staged kiss. Steffy is covering her brother..that’s why she ain’t telling her father either that Thomas isn’t “getting better”.

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