Hope don’t want tom to marry (General Discussion)

by Barbybo, Saturday, February 15, 2020, 12:59AM (3 days ago) @ AnnieB

Barbybo said:<<<<<No way she wants new mommy living with Tom and doug ....she was jealous and today she realized kid will have another mommy ...she didn’t like it..so let’s see what the ditz does next...>>>

What do any of these characters have between their ears - just sawdust?
Hope has known all along that she does not want to marry Thomas, she just wants to be a mommy to Douglas...…..but what does she think a good looking, rich guy with a good family name like Forrester is going the rest of his life and NOT marry? That is not reasonable at all.

So whether it is Zoe or someone else, if hope does not marry him again and make a home for Douglas, then some other gal will. It is that simple and she should have known this. Why such a surprise now?


I love this post. My question is: What would Douglas do if Hope married Liam? He had no problem with them. Now all sudden he has a problem. Both Hope and Thomas need to stop putting Douglas in the middle of their situation.

Douglas knew Hope and Liam as a married couple before he even started calling her "mommy". Douglas was spending time with both Hope and Liam and felt good with them.

Zoe is a stranger. Thomas should slowly try to build a bond between Zoe and Douglas so he could be ok with his father kissing her, but he never took the time and he did it this way on purpose.

Neither did Hope. Now, Thomas has to tell her all his plans so they can tell Douglas "together"? Give me a break. Hope needs to take a seat.

Thomas has to explain Douglas things before he will act this way in front of him... So Douglas won't have to feel sad and shocked... And Hope won't have to talk to him about it.

Hope didn't talk to Douglas about it. She has no business being Douglas' "mommy". Where is Beth?

Yeah because Thomas should tell Douglas about him and Zoe.
Where is Beth? Living with her mother Hope.

Sorry, I haven't seen Beth in ages. Is she, taking a nap?

Well the show has 18 minutes and the only things we see are Sally's illness and Tom's obsession. We don't see Kelly these days and I suppose she isn't napping since the last time we saw her? ;-)

Well, it was Kelly was "napping" forever when she wasn't shown. Now, Beth hasn't been shown for ages, like weeks. Hope needs to get her priorities straight. Brooke needs to take her ar out on her daughter for encouraging Thomas' behavior, not Ridge.

So what are you assuming? That Beth is somewhere locked in a closed, dirty and starving because we don't see her on the screen? Same goes for Will I guess? Bill and Katie don't love him because he isn't a part of any SL for weeks... ? :neutral

Will and Kelly weren't presumed dead for nine months where Hope was so depressed and forgiven for the stupid things she did and now Beth is "missing in action". But, Douglas is front and center in Hope's office, etc. Sorry, that's sick.

Hope adopting toms kid was sick

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