All this Hope cares for the children stuff (General Discussion)

by Barbybo, Saturday, February 15, 2020, 12:41AM (4 days ago)
edited by Barbybo, Saturday, February 15, 2020, 1:13AM

Doug Her it not odd she didn’t give squat about kelly .....she got pregnent and kelly now is from a broken family...if she’s all for the children she would not have stuck liam In a cabin and worked him...I guess she’s only for certain children....she certainly loves toms kid more than kelly.....toms kid wasn’t even her’s kinda trying to sell Hope children first but yet she got knocked up by a married guy who said he still”loved his wife sent flowers and was heading she complains liam loves two...when she knew it from the start ...she adopted doug knowing tom would be daddy tom what did she expect tom not to be in her life? Hope made her bed..she knew liams history she knew toms history yet ..she whines at consequences...gals never happy she is the sad sack of soaps....if she wants a guy all hers she better look elsewhere her judgement stinks she got beth broken home toms kid and is single in a cabin on mommys lawn her life is a mess ...she needs to think twice her rush fir marriages is insane ....poor beth and kelly that’s who needs sympathy ...while liam Hope and Steffy share

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