No Surprise (General Discussion)

by MegsMom, Friday, February 14, 2020, 5:46PM (10 days ago) @ Debra

Wyatt did exactly what I predicted he would. Even knowing Sally didn't want people knowing, Wyatt had to go to Flo and run his mouth about Sally's illness. Naturally Flo had to show concern, but I swear I could see the wheels turning at the realization that Sally would no longer be in the picture in the very near future and no longer a concern or issue in her relationship with Wyatt. So of course it will be easy for Flo to tell Wyatt to go be with Sally to provide support and comfort during her remaining days. After all, what's a month? Right? :whistle :drunk

She'll be fine. Bridget is coming back with a miracle cure for the mystery illness. Wyatt's going to be stuck.

Yep! Wyatt will marry Sally, she’ll take some experimental drug and have a miraculous cure and Wyatt will be stuck explaining to his true love why they can’t be together.

Wyatt wouldn't know true love if it bit him in the backside. :roll

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