Tom called liam a waffel (General Discussion)

by mutzi, Friday, February 14, 2020, 3:17PM (10 days ago) @ Ilovebizzie

At least Liam doesn’t use a woman he barely can stand just to get another in bed. Liam never had to, the women came to him.

That is no excuse for Liam's waffling behavior. Yes, the women should throw his bum out and refuse to see him again, but I will never excuse Liam for his actions. It is not unusual at all to love or be in love with mere than one person. It is beyond cruel to continue this waffling boomerang behavior. And I don't know what women see in Liam at any rate. He has no spine, he generally looks confused and/or constipated, and he uses the women he supposedly loves. Is it better to use someone you don't care for or to repeatedly use women you claim to love? I'm just not sure.

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