Steffy could end this whole mess. (General Discussion)

by Viola, Friday, February 14, 2020, 10:32AM (10 days ago) @ hopeyougogirl

Even though I agree about Steffy I could say the same thing about all the people who aren't against Thomas at this point. And it includes Hope. She is as dumb and stupid as Ridge and Steffy when it comes to Thomas.

Liam gave her all the evidences she needed. He told her Thomas admitted he was using Zoe and still wanted Hope and told her he threatened his life. How did she react? By telling Liam it's his fault and he provoked him. Brooke warned her about Thomas times and times again, she refuses to admit she is right. She saw Thomas with her own eyes kissing Zoe in front of her and Douglas and she heard it from his mouth that he still intends to make a family with her.

The kiss is just the tip of the iceberg here, she can't blame all of the problems on this one. Their marriage imploded because Hope ended it, and threw him out, not because Liam was sniffling around Steffy. Their problems started again when Hope decided to adopt Douglas without telling Liam the truth. And finally he gave her an ultimatum because she wouldn't hear him out, and she wouldnt't even stop working with him. The kiss didn't help them for sure but it's only a small part of the problem.

If she still refuses to open her eyes and defends his behavior after that, then she is a lost cause too. I used to like Hope but Sadly she is no better than Steffy and Ridge in this story. The only ones who haven't completely lost it are Liam and Brooke. All the others had lobotomy.

Liam ain't too bright either. He gave Hope the stupid ultimatum and it backfired on him..how can he expect Hope to ditch little Douglas at his demand? It's too late for that. And the reason he gave Hope the stupid ultimatum to begin with..is because he wants nothing to do with big bad dangerous Thomas..and here he is free of Hope and living with Steffy, yet he is still insisting on inserting himself trying to figure out what Thomas is up to next.

His logic makes no sense either..why still obsessing about Thomas when he is already free of the custody mess and free of Thomas?

Plus he trusts Steffy and that makes him the ultimate loser and idiot.

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