Steffy could end this whole mess. (General Discussion)

by BabyKelly, Friday, February 14, 2020, 10:31AM (4 days ago) @ Drangonfly

All she has to do is tell Ridge that she and Thomas schemed to make Hope see her and Liam kissing. Then Ridge would know Thomas hasn't changed and finally get him the help he needs.

But she won't. Because of her own selfish reasons. She knows Liam would dump her for deceiving him and blowing up his relationship with Hope.

Steffy is so desperate to have Liam that she doesn't even care that her own brother needs help and isn't getting it. And now her little nephew, who just lost his mommy, is going to be used as a pawn as Thomas exploits his insecurities in order to get Hope.

Firstly Steffy isn't even on screen for now. And won't be for a good while. The actress spend several weeks in Japan after the Holydays and she isn't mentioned in any of the spoilers for the next 2 weeks. She is irrelevant to Thomas and Hope's current shambles. Secondly, protecting the Logans from her brother isn't her job. She doesn't owe anything to any of them, especially not Hope the woman who harassed her husband when she was pregnant and is still trying to keep her from seeing the baby she raised for 9 months. She shouldn't even feel guilty about any of it, she kissed a single Liam after Hope betrayed him and Liam walked out of her. Again, she owes Hope zilch.

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