Can Hope really be that stupid? (General Discussion)

by viennagirl @, Friday, February 14, 2020, 9:14AM (4 days ago) @ Dustyrose

I was thinking the same thing! Everyone is telling her he hasn’t changed and is playing her and using Douglas to get her and she just blindly falls for it. Same thing last year and I’m so over it.

ITA that they write her too gullible to be believable.

Last year it might have made sense that she believed his words, but now she knows that he has kept "her daughter" from her intentionally and lied to Hope (that her daughter was watching her from above and wanted her to move on with Thomas).

Hope asks Thomas if he is manipulating her and then just believes it when he denies it?


Hope: What, that he cares about steffy? No. And if you're trying to say that to intimidate me, it's not going to work. You say you're moving on, and yet here you are--
Thomas: Here I am, looking after the mother of my child. That's all this is, okay? If liam leaves you, he hurts you and he goes back to steffy, what does that mean for douglas? I have every right to voice my concern.

Hope: I'm not looking for an apology, thomas. I just want to understand. You say that you've changed, you say that you're moving on, and it--and it seems like you're a couple with zoe, but I don't know. Is it a lie?
Hope: You're still trying to manipulate me, aren't you? That's why you brought up liam's feelings for steffy. That's why you threatened him the way that you did. And look, I'm no fan of zoe, but if you don't really care about her you need to be honest with her. Please do not use her.
Thomas: Look, zoe has been good for me. She makes me happy. And yeah, I am attracted to her. What guy wouldn't be? But I share a son with you.
Thomas: Look, I'm not trying to make you uncomfortable. I'm trying to be as honest as I can and honestly, yes, I do believe that the best thing for douglas would be for us to be together, and for us to be a family--one family under one roof, but hey, I fully understand that isn't possible.
Hope: Do you?
Thomas: Yes, I do, but do you realize that it's not exactly the best idea to question my relationship with zoe? I mean, we just started dating, and yeah, I like her a lot, but please don't ask me to put a label on it.
Hope: Okay, well, I am not asking you to marry the girl. I just want to know what your intentions are and that you're not using her.
Thomas: Using her to-- to move on, maybe?

Hope: Well, using her to make me believe that you're moving on is something entirely different and that confrontation you had with liam, that's making me believe that that's exactly what you're doing.
Thomas: Liam has a way of twisting things around. All I was trying to say is that we're working on a line together. We're co-parenting douglas. That means that we're going to spend time with each other. We have a strong mutual love... for douglas. Of course that's gonna bond us and liam has to accept that but he couldn't, okay? That's why he barged in here and he got in my face, and yes, I overreacted. All right? I said something about his grave. It's not my finest moment. I can admit that. But I value the connection you have with my child, okay? The joy and the stability that you brought into his life. I'm not gonna mess that up. I'm not gonna risk him losing that, okay? By not doing everything that I can to move on from you. Trust me.
Hope: You know how much I adore douglas. And he will never lose me, ever. Thank you for being honest. I can...I can see your side of things. And I really do wish the best for you and zoe, whatever ends up happening.
Thomas: And--and, uh... and I'm hoping for the best for you and liam. If he's really the person you want to spend your life with.
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