Why is Hope not telling Brooke, Liam and Zoe... (General Discussion)

by kizilay, Friday, February 14, 2020, 1:29AM (5 days ago) @ Ryc1976

Quinn knows too.

I don't like Quinn, but don't see how Hope and Liam's love life is any of her business, frankly. Sure she could tell Brooke and Ridge about Thomas' intentions, but I am not gonna blame her for her silence here. The one who are being abused and manipulated by Thomas are Hope and Liam, and Brooke and Ridge to another extent. And now Hope knows his plan and knows she is still his first choice. The fact that she is keeping those secret talks with Thomas to herself is mind-boggling. If something terrible happens to Douglas or Liam or Zoe, she will be as responsible as Thomas.

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