Why is Hope not telling Brooke, Liam and Zoe... (General Discussion)

by kizilay, Friday, February 14, 2020, 1:22AM (5 days ago) @ Viola

One sec... Didn't Thomas tell Hope that he realized that he can't have everything that he wants and he is trying to move on with Zoe? Thomas just said that he would rather be with her, but she doesn't know he has some vicious plan. For all Hope knows Thomas is very fond of Zoe. The only two people that know that really know that Thomas is still scheming are Vinny and Steffy... :roll

Steffy is also the only person that Ridge could actually believe.

No. Actually, Thomas told Steffy that he doesn't want Hope anymore even if he thinks Liam should be with her, and he is moving on with Zoe. He didn't tell Hope the same things at all. Thomas told Hope last week that he still wants to be with her and today he reconfirmed it. Hope knows he still wants to be with her and doesn't truly want Zoe. Zoe has a right to know. And so does Liam. After all, according to Hope, Thomas isn't the problem between them. Steffy is. But the way Thomas can manipulate Hope proves she is wrong and he is the biggest issue for her and Liam. Brooke knows it too.

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